Announcing the Release of SeismoStruct, SeismoBuild, and FRP Designer 2024 Release 3 with Full Support for ASCE/SEI 41-23.

We’re excited to announce the release of SeismoStruct 2024 Release-3, SeismoBuild 2024 Release-3, and FRP Designer 2024 Release 3! These powerful software tools now fully support the latest revision of ASCE/SEI 41-23, the industry standard for seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings.

This updated standard introduces significant improvements to modeling approaches and requirements for assessing and strengthening buildings against seismic hazards. With our latest software releases, you’ll be equipped with the most advanced tools to streamline your seismic assessment and retrofit projects.

Key benefits of using our updated software:

  • Stay compliant: Ensure your projects adhere to the latest industry standards.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Leverage updated modeling techniques for more precise seismic assessments.
  • Efficient workflows: Streamline your retrofit design process with powerful tools.
  • Improved safety: Design and implement effective seismic retrofit solutions to protect buildings and occupants.

Upgrade to SeismoStruct, SeismoBuild, and FRP Designer 2024 Release 3 today and experience the power of cutting-edge seismic engineering software!

Learn more about ASCE/SEI 41-23: or read about ASCE 41-23: Significant Updates to Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings in our Blog.