SeismoSoft Applications Support

Please note, that User Manuals and Help System are automatically installed with each application.

You can always carry out a search on Seismosoft’s Forum where you will probably find the answer to your query. If not, please post your question on the forum, so that others can read and benefit from the answers that you get.

Still can’t find an answer, you can contact us here.

Do you have Licensing Questions?

Please contact the Licensing team at licensing [at] for support about this issue.

Academic Licenses

We kindly remind you that the message that appears when you send your request informs you that you will receive your academic license key within 48 hours provided that you possess valid information, this might take a little bit longer when a weekend intervenes. Alternatively you can request an Academic License here.


Please visit Seismosoft’s e-shop where the prices of all our products and product bundles are available.

Application Features or Sales Questions

You may find detailed information about Seismosoft products at the Products section.

Please let us know if you need further clarifications.