Earthquake Software for Signal Processing of Strong-Motion data

SeismoSignal constitutes an easy and efficient way for signal processing of strong-motion data, featuring a user-friendly visual interface and being capable of deriving a number of strong-motion parameters often required by engineer seismologists and earthquake engineers.

The program is able to read accelerograms saved in different text file formats, which may then be filtered and baseline-corrected. Polynomials of up to the 3rd order may be employed for the latter, whilst three different digital filter types are available, all of which capable of carrying out, causal or acausal, highpass, lowpass, bandpass and bandstop filtering.

  • Elastic response spectra and pseudo spectra

  • Constant-ductility inelastic response spectra

  • Arias Intensity (Ia)

  • Root-mean-square (RMS) of acceleration, velocity and displacement

  • Effective design acceleration (EDA)

  • Acceleration (ASI) and velocity (VSI) spectrum intensity

  • Husid and energy flux plots

  • Number of effective cycles

  • Maximum incremental velocity (MIV)

  • Average spectral acceleration (Sa,avg)

  • Damage index

  • Overdamped response spectrum

  • Fourier and Power spectra,computed by means of Fast Fourier Transformation – FFT

  • Cumulative Absolute Velocity (CAV) and Specific Energy Density (SED)

  • Characteristic Intensity (Ic)

  • Housner Intensity

  • Sustained maximum acceleration (SMA) and velocity (SMV)

  • Predominant (Tp) and mean (Tm) periods

  • Bracketed, uniform, significant and effective durations

  • Impulsivity index (IP Index)

Completely visual interface. No input or configuration files, programming scripts or any other time-consuming and complex text editing requirements.

Due to its full integration with the Windows environment, SeismoSignal allows for numerical and graphical results to be copied to any Windows application (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word, etc.), noting that the plots characteristics can be fully customised from within the program itself.


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* In Academic/Trial Version, baseline correction and filtering is not allowed within the program, a maximum period equal to 4.00sec and a minimum period step equal to 0.05sec are allowed for spectra.