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Product Updates

Below, please find an overview of the improvements and new features introduced in SeismoSelect over the years; do familiarise yourself in particular with those introduced in this latest release.

  • New parameter in the selection of candidate records with the ESM database; Ground Type according to the EC8 categorization
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Support for the UBC 1997 and the National Building Code of Canada (2015) code-based spectra
  • Minor bug fixes

New features

1. Very fast download of the records from the ESM 2.0 strong motion database

2. Support for ASCE 7-16 response spectrum

3. National Annexes of Eurocode available in the definition of the Eurocode 8 spectra

4. Support for the ESM format for opening accelerograms

An important bug in reading the RotD50 spectral shape from the flat file of the NGA West database is fixed.