PGA, ag input

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PGA, ag input

Post by hijratun »

I believe PGA input is as shown in EC8, ag40 HZ=0,36
Input for PGA in SeismoMatch should be 0,8*ag40 HZ= 0,8*0,36 = 0,288 g

When I input this value in SeismoMatch for ground type C, peak acceleration shows higher than 0,288 g.
Why is that?
Sometimes, it gives accurate 0,288 maks peak, other times either lower or upper.
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Re: PGA, ag input

Post by seismosoft »

I am afraid I did not understand exactly which differences tou refer to hijratun.
Changing the soil class changes the soil factor (which is different Type 1 and Type 2 spectra). Does this explain your question?
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