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by pradeep0410
17 Nov 2019, 13:05
Forum: 02-Getting started with the modelling
Topic: Rigid offset length
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Rigid offset length

I am modelling 4 story steel braced building. Can't the software give rigid offset length by itself in element connectivity? or Should I need to edit every value? :)
by pradeep0410
14 Nov 2019, 15:52
Forum: 04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
Topic: Bracing is not getting connected to Beam
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Bracing is not getting connected to Beam

Version-2018. I am using inelastic force braced frame element as beam and inelastic truss element as bracing. I want to give pin connection at middle of beam, to that I want to connect bracing. When I use to connect like that it is showing zero diagonal error. :cry:
by pradeep0410
10 Aug 2019, 07:46
Forum: 01-Installation of new versions
Topic: request for a academic license
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Re: request for a academic license

I can't able to request for a academic license. It is showing that "The academic license request email could not be sent" even I used the Institute email ID. Please help me to get the academic license.

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