Only a few months have passed since SeismoStruct won the 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering Blind Prediction Contest, and we have received news of yet another successful participation of SeismoStruct in a similar exercise, this time organised by the Earthquake Resistance and Disaster Prevention Branch of the Architectural Society of China (note: you may wish to use automatic webpage translation in order to fully understand the details of the experiment).

A total of 31 teams, making use of 8-10 different finite element analysis programs, took part in the blind modelling of a reinforced concrete frame that was taken to collapse under cyclic loading. The competition was won by a researcher from the Dalian University of Technology (entry #20), who employed SeismoStruct to model the test structure and run the corresponding static time-history analysis, once again attesting not only the accuracy of our software but also the value of its intuitive interface, which allows users to readily and reliably assemble structural models for nonlinear analysis.

We are not planning to rest on our laurels, however, and will continue to endeavour to render our leading software better and better.