Following the 2010 success in the blind prediction contest carried out by PEER and NEES, where SeismoStruct was used by the winner of the Practitioners category and by 3 out of the 8 teams that received an ‘Award of Excellence’, SeismoStruct stars yet again in another international blind prediction exercise, this time deployed by the organizing committee of the 2012 World Conference in Earthquake Engineering (15WCEE, Lisbon, Portugal).

SeismoStruct was employed by the winning team, selected amongst a total of 38 participating entries from around the World, which accurately predicted the response of two full-scale reinforced concrete structures, designed for low and high ductility levels. Each specimen was tested under dynamic conditions at the LNEC-3D shaking table of Lisbon (Portugal), for several levels of seismic intensity. For further details, refer to SeismoStruct’s Verification Report.

With such repeated international success, SeismoStruct further establishes itself as one of the most accurate tools for nonlinear structural analysis worldwide, in particular for what concerns earthquake loading.