SeismoStruct 2023 Release-2 and SeismoBuild 2023 Release-2 have been published, fixing some minor bugs. Footings’ code-based checks are included in SeismoBuild 2023 Release-2.

The Italian, Spanish, Greek and Turkish languages are also available!

Everyone that has a valid 2023 license of the programs can download the new versions from the links below:

Please read carefully the programs’ Help System, so as to gain a better understanding of their features. In addition, it is suggested to register and visit our Discussion Forum, when in need of further clarifications or assistance, and watch the available video tutorials.

In case you have a pre 2023 version of the Programs, you can purchase a 2023 license in our e-shop.

We are pleased to inform that users who are already in possession of an academic/software license for the previous releases, will need not to request a new license.