SeismoStruct is an award-winning Finite Element package capable of predicting the large displacement behaviour of space frames under static or dynamic loading, taking into account both geometric nonlinearities and material inelasticity. Concrete, steel, frp and sma material models are available, together with a large library of 3D elements that may be used with a wide variety of pre-defined steel, concrete and composite section configurations. It is a civil engineering software for structural assessment and structural retrofitting that has been extensively quality-checked and validated, as described in its Verification Report.

​Some of the more important features of SeismoStruct are summarised in what follows:

The ‘SPF Creator’ program has been included in the installation. Users can use the program, together with a spreadsheet program like MS Excel, to create hundreds or thousands of SeismoStruct input files very quickly without the need for any programming skill. SPF Creator can be used together with SeismoStruct’s batch program, SeismoBatch, to execute thousands of analyses (e.g. for the derivation of fragility curves) very quickly and effectively.

Seismosoft aspires to make SeismoStruct the most popular finite element analysis software for structural assessment, strengthening, and the design of structural interventions and upgrading.

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