SeismoStruct upgrade from v2018

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If you have previously acquired SeismoStruct v2018, then you may purchase here an upgrade to the latest version of this Finite Elements program, whose unmatched accuracy continues to demonstrated at international competitions, as described in its Verification Report.

Upon your purchase, we will search our records for your v2018 software license, after which we will provide you with the license key with which you may register SeismoStruct 2021.

Out of stock

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Improvements and new features introduced in SeismoStruct version 2020

  1. New Buckling analysis
  2. Ability to perform Eigenvalue analysis at every step in Nonlinear Dynamic and Pushover analysis
  3. New Code-based checks for masonry elements
  4. New Performance Criteria for masonry, infill, link and truss elements
  5. Six new element types: (i) Masonry element, (ii) Rack element, (iii) two bearing and seismic isolation elements – Elastomeric Bearing Element (Bouc Wen) and Friction Pendulum Bearing/System, (iv) Shallow foundation macro-element and (v) Pile head macro-element
  6. New infrmDBPH element type with better stability and automatic calculation of the plastic rotation capacity values according to ASCE 41-17
  7. Eight new response curves to be used with the program’s link elements: (i) Quadrilinear symmetric curve, (ii) Quadrilinear asymmetric curve, (iii) Viscous Damper response curve, (iv) Bouc Wen curve, (v) Elastic-Perfectly plastic Gap curve, (vi) Impact response curve, (vii) Self Centering Brace response curve and (viii) Generic Hysteretic curve characterised by pinching effect
  8. Three new sections: (i) one cruciform steel section and (ii) two sections for (reinforced or unreinforced) masonry
  9. Six new material models: (i) one steel model – Buckling Restrained Brace Steel, (ii) two concrete material models – Engineered Cementitious Composites material and Kent-Scott-Park material model, (iii) two materials for masonry – Trilinear masonry model and Parabolic masonry model and (iv) one general material – Generic Hysteretic model
  10. Support for  National Annexes for Eurocodes
  11. Input and use of user-defined spectra
  12. XML export & import


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