Maximum Incremental Velocity

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Maximum Incremental Velocity

Post by huffte » 16 Apr 2013, 22:49

Some research (see #1 below) suggests a correlation between inelastic displacement amplification and maximum incremental velocity (MIV). In fact, one researcher has gone so far as to develop a ground motion prediction model for MIV (see #2 below). MIV is defined as the maximum area under the acceleration time history between two successive zero-crossings.

It might prove useful for researchers to have MIV added to the ground motion parameters calculated by SeismoSpect. This will facilitate future correlation work between inelastic amplification factors and MIV.

1. Baez and Mirands, "Amplification Factors to Estimate Inelastic Displacement Demands for the Design of Structures in the Near Field",12th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering.

2. Guaman, "Empirical Ground Motion Relationship for Maximum Incremental Velocity", University of Notre Dame Thesis, April 2010.

Thanks very much as always.
Tim Huff

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Re: Maximum Incremental Velocity

Post by seismosoft » 21 Apr 2013, 21:01


Many thanks for this interesting suggestion, which we will be keeping in mind when preparing future releases of the software.

Thanks again,

Seismosoft Support

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