Period Increment

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Period Increment

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The incrementing of period in the generation of response spectra does not seem to be working properly.

With the default period increment of 0.02, the period column increments fine up until 4.34 seconds. The period after 4.34 is 4.35. For some reason the period jumps 0.01 instead of 0.02 at this point.

Also, if the spectrum is run out to 10 seconds or more, the incrementing of the period column begins missing decimal places as well. Several succesive values in the period column may be identical.

I suspect the actual spectrum is fine and calculated at the correct periods, but that the period column is incorrect. So if a user copies and pastes the data, the periods will be off beginning at 4.34 seconds.
Tim Huff
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Re: Period Increment

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Oops! Apologies for this, we will try to correct this apparent bug as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting it to us.

Seismosoft Support
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