Modelling of Panel connecting's

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Modelling of Panel connecting's

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Dear Seismostruct Users,

I am currently modelling a Panelised structure made out of timber. These timber panels are connected through 20 Screws (modelled as nonlinear). I am uncertain of the best method of incorporating these 20 connection points into my panels initially I tried to constraint all connection points (nodes) to the actual panel ( making the corner point of the panel a master node and than linking them all together) however this didn't work even after trying multple diffferent setups.

I settled on breaking the panels into 18 different panels and then connection them that way. I am just wondering can you see an errors in this approach. I also tired constrainting the nodes as a rigid diaphragm and while this worked by connecting all nodes to the panel it gave me clashing results to when I modelled all panels separately

Thank you for any advice
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