Future developments of TMT Bars

04-Future developments & requests
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Future developments of TMT Bars

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For a number of years, the steel market has remained a first-class option for constructing commercial, residential and luxury buildings. The war is impacting the supply chain at the international level leading to an increase in input costs. Due to corrosion, the bond strength can be compromised, leading to slippage of the concrete and collapse of the structure. Cast using the latest thermo-mechanical treatment, the TMT bar has advanced corrosion-resistant properties that can survive the effects of the above-mentioned corrosion.
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Re: Future developments of TMT Bars

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Noting that this is a forum on the use of Seismosoft's applications and not a forum for the presentation of new construction materials, we believe that TMT bars can be modelled with the models that are currently available in SeismoStruct
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