Uneven time series plot sizes

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Uneven time series plot sizes

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When the SeismoSpect window is open in a non-maximized state, the three time series plots (Acc, Vel, Disp) each are approximately the same height (about 180 pixels in my case). But when I maximize the window, the upper two plots (Acc, Vel) retain their previous heights (~180 pixels), while the Displacement plot takes up all of the vertical expansion (~450 pixels in my case). The result is two short plots at the top and one very tall plot at the bottom. In testing this issue further just now, I also notice that when I change the window size abritrarily by dragging the top or bottom edge of the window up or down, it is only the displacement plot that gets resized. No scroll bar appears when I make the window small enough to make one or more plots disappear from the bottom of the window. Is there some setting to impose uniform vertical scaling on the three time series plots? If not, is this something that you could fix in a future version? Or is this behavior by design?
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Re: Uneven time series plot sizes

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Dear Marvin,

Thank you for bringing this matter up to our attention. This is obviously a bug, which we will certainly address in a future release.

Thanks again,

Seismosoft Support
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