unexpected bending moments diagrams

04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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unexpected bending moments diagrams

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I have simply supported beams (1) over cantilever precast columns (2).
Beams bear simply supported precast roof elements (3), with slight inclination
Precast roof elements (3) heads are connected to the beams by linear-elastic links (4), with significant flexibility in both X and Y directions and quasi-rigid reaction on vertical Z direction.
No diaphragm constraint is applied to the roof elements (3), nor to the beams (1).
For static loads case, I obtained “normal” bending moments diagrams, as in first image

Performing a response spectral analysis (made as a check), I have huge bending moments at the (simply supported) ends of the beams.

Sure I badly set some constraint/release/link, but I can’t figure what
Thanks in advance

Sorry, I see images don't show; links below.

Image 1 - Static loads:

Image 2 - REsp. Sp. Analysis:

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