seismic sequences

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Re: seismic sequences

Post by huffte » 06 Mar 2019, 19:17

If you use SeismoSignal to load the ChiChi accelerogram provided with the program, running a nonlinear response history analysis with a ductility of 6 and a damping ratio of 1%, you will find the following for a SDOF with an initial period of 1.0 seconds:

Peak ground acceleration = 0.361 g at 29.44 seconds
SDOF structural displacement up until 29.44 seconds = 4.88 inches
Maximum SDOF structural displacement = 6.68 inches, at 47.98 seconds

This should reveal the danger inherent in your proposal. Perhaps a better solution would be to try and halve the size of your accelerograms by specifying a frequency of 2 and twice the specified time step when you load the accelerogram (read only every other value and consequently, double the time step). You would want to compare the spectra for the two versions to see if the difference is acceptable.
Tim Huff

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