How to correct an earthquake accelerogram?

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How to correct an earthquake accelerogram?

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How to correct an earthquake accelerogram such that its velocity at the end of the duration is zero? Is Seismospect capable of doing that? If not, which software should I use?
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Re: How to correct an earthquake accelerogram?

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You may certainly baseline adjust and filter accelerograms with SeismoSpect (or with SeismoSignal as well, for that matter).

With SeismoSpect, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings.
2. On the "Baseline Correction" tab, check the box "Apply Baseline Correction".
3. On the "Filtering" tab, check the box "Apply Filtering".

Correction and filtering of accelerograms can be a bit tricky. You will notice several options on both tabs mentioned above. I would recommend the default values with the exception of filter type, for which I would recommend "acausal" rather than "causal", for an initial attempt. You likely will want to examine both the velocity and displacement histories after the correction and filtering are applied to check for realistic plots. And you may want to compare the uncorrected/unfiltered response spectrum to the corrected/filtered response spectrum to note the period range over which correction/filtering has no effect.

I further recommend a study of available literature on the subject of ground motion data processing to gain confidence in the work you are doing and to be clear on including correction/filtering parameters in reported results.

Best of luck in your work SushovanDutta.
Tim Huff
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