The ability for programming

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The ability for programming

Post by mina »

Grateful if you let me know:

Does Seismostruc have the ability for programming? I mean can we do some automated and iterative analyses? I need to do some parametric analyses and do some post processing for controlling and changing input file automatically! Ore we have write in other program like Matlab and link it to Seismostruc?

Is there any manual or userguide for this software?

Your quick reply will be highly appreciated

Thnk you!
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Re: The ability for programming

Post by seismosoft »

No, SeismoStruct does not feature the ability of being user-programmed. It is a software tool in the purest of senses, rather than an analysis development platform.

Of course there is a user-guide, in the form of a very complete Help System.

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Re: The ability for programming

Post by sunitapr »

Thanks for information. I'd like to know more
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