Arias Intensity units

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Arias Intensity units

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Whereas SeismoSignal, which has no "units" options, correctly reports Arias intensity in units of "m/sec" (while also reporting velocity in units of "cm/sec"), SeismoSpect appears to incorrectly report Arias Intensity in units of "cm/sec" when the user has chosen "cm/sec" as the units to use for "velocity". It seems to insist on applying the "velocity" units to Arias Intensity. I've confirmed this inconsistency by copying an acceleration time history from SeismoSpect, where Arias Intensity of the record is reported as 20.19 (either cm/sec or m/sec, depending on my choice of units to use for "velocity"), and pasting into SeismoSignal, where Arias Intensity for the record is unambiguously reported as 20.19 m/sec. Can you please confirm this as an actual, real problem in SeismoSpect, so that I don't go crazy?
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Re: Arias Intensity units

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You are indeed right, the Arias Intensity unit is wrongly output in the Ground Parameters table as cm/sec, whereas it should be m/sec (it is in fact computed in m/sec). Note that in the plot of the values below the Arias Intensity is correctly output in m/sec.

Note also that you can select units in SeismoSignal as well, while opening the record files.
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Re: Arias Intensity units

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This coming week we will be releasing updated versions of SeismoSpect (as well as SeismoSignal, SeismoMatch and SeismoArtif), which will correct this and other issues.

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