Theory II. Order

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Theory II. Order

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Dear all,

I have a question:
How is nonlinearity implemented in the program?
Physical nonlinearity is included in the material laws.
How is geometric nonlinearity implemented? How is it implemented according to Theory II. Order?

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Re: Theory II. Order

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I will suggest the section of the SeismoStruct Help System quoted below as a starting point. I hope this helps.

"Geometric Nonlinearity
Large displacements/rotations and large independent deformations relative to the frame element's chord (also known as P-Delta effects) are taken into account in SeismoStruct, through the employment of a total co-rotational formulation developed and implemented by Correia and Virtuoso [2006].

The implemented total co-rotational formulation is based on an exact description of the kinematic transformations associated with large displacements and three-dimensional rotations of the beam-column member. This leads to the correct definition of the element's independent deformations and forces, as well as to the natural definition of the effects of geometrical non-linearities on the stiffness matrix."

Correia A.A., Virtuoso F.B.E. [2006] "Nonlinear Analysis of Space Frames," Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Computational Mechanics: Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering, Mota Soares et al. (Eds.), Lisbon, Portugal.
Tim Huff
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