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Suggestion For SeismoStruct

Post by RyanRS »

Hi, Thanks for developing this owesome software. I actually have 2 suggestion for future improvement of seismosoft.

1. Ties and Long rebars have different rebar grade
It is common in construction to have shear ties rebar grade higher than longitudinal rebars grade, but unfortunately current seismostruct software cannot facilitate this, it will be great if it can be done in the next improvement.

2. Slab UDL load to beam line load
This may also have been requested in another post before, apologize if I post again here. The current load applied in seismostruct only possible to put a line load, which not correct for two way slab (it should be triangular load distribution). It will be great if the next improvement can facilitate two-way slab load distribution.

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Re: Suggestion For SeismoStruct

Post by z.gronti »

Dear RyanRS,

Your first request has already been implemented in SeismoStruct v2021.

As far as your second request is concerned, it will be introduced in future releases.
Zoi Gronti
Seismosoft Srl.
obaidullah khan
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Re: Suggestion For SeismoStruct

Post by obaidullah khan »

my suggestion for SeismoStruct is, also have some focus on incorporation of retrofitted techniques for masonry structures like FRP for masonry wall etc and some of local techniques like ferrocementing, external/internal RC jacketing of masonry walls and things like that, and you can share some of techniques here which SeismoStruct V-23 is capable of for masonry structures to improve their strength
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Re: Suggestion For SeismoStruct

Post by seismosoft »

Thanks you for your suggestion. Indeed retrofitting techniques for masonry members are included in our to-do list, and they will be implemented in a future release of the program.
Seismosoft Support
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