Multiple Envelope Definitions

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Multiple Envelope Definitions

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It appears that SeismoArtif is only using the first Envelope Shape definition in the Accelerogram Generation tab during the Artificial Accelerogram Generation method. I define several envelope shapes and tried to generate two accelerograms for each shape. The first envelope shape produces great records with a significant duration of around 75 seconds. Subsequent shapes give very different durations when I generate all 8 accelerograms with the same shape. However, when I try to generate two records for each of 4 envelope shapes, I get 8 records, all of similar significant duration (corresponding to the first one specified).

This can be easily worked around by specifying the same shape for all 8 records and running multiple times. So it isn't urgent. It just appears to be a bit of a bug.

The Artificial Accelerogram Generation works really great otherwise. It is one of the best I have found for artificial records. Keep up the good work!
Tim Huff
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Re: Multiple Envelope Definitions

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Hello Tim,

We tried it, but we could not duplicate the behavior that you described.
We noticed however that, when the envelope shapes are updates, the program changes the input shape to the last unchanged envelope. Can this be the reason why you feel that the only the first envelope shape is employed? Note also that in general it is a good strategy to have envelope durations that are compatible to the record durations given on the next page.
If you still spot a bug there, please send the SeismoArtif project to
Many thanks for your continuous efforts and support.
Seismosoft Support.
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