Brick Masonry

02-Getting started with the modelling
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Brick Masonry

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Good morning!

It is possible to create windows and doors in masonry infill?
And if i can create the masonry wall in the middle of slab?
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Re: Brick Masonry

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Dear waltergarcia,

It is not possible to assign windows and doors to a masonry element.
According to SeismoStruct User Manual: Two nodes need to be defined for these element types, representing the end-nodes of the element, thus defining its length, position in space and direction (local axis 1). A rotation angle or a third node is required so as to define the orientation of the element's cross section (local axes 2 and 3), as described in Global and local axes system.
Hence, if you have the proper nodes and make the proper connections with the other elements, you may insert a masonry wall in the middle of the slab.
Zoi Gronti
Seismosoft Srl.
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