Acceleration to Displacement

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syed saqib
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Acceleration to Displacement

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I have performed controlled displacement free vibration test on steel frame model and recorded acceleration of top story. After processing that data using Seismosignal, I have obtained the displacement values. But the displacement values are quite large, as expected. In my test case, the control displacement was about 10 mm, but the Seismosignal shows about 60 mm peak displacement. Need the help from some, either I am doing something wrong logically or skipping something from setting of the software? Thanks
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Re: Acceleration to Displacement

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To be honest, I am not sure if what you are doing is correct or wrong.
One mistake that I can see is that you are comparing the integrated acceleration at the top (that gives the total displacement of the top node), with the relative (top minus bottom) displacement of the frame. However, still I am not sure if integrating the acceleration at the top of the frame (with SeismoSignal) gives results that have a physical meaning.
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