self-centering braces. SeismoStruct

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self-centering braces. SeismoStruct

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Dear Staff
Thnk you so much for very helpful your softwares.
I'm a research student and I was wondering if you could help me with modeling the self-centering braces with dampers that feature a flag shape behavior in tension and compassion. I've seen the link element added under the name SCB but I'm wondering for more information on how to best use it in modeling to give the true behavior of the brace.
Thank you for your time.
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Re: self-centering braces. SeismoStruct

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Hello Marwa,
The only additional tip that we can provide is that you need to apply the link+frame+link-for-damper elements all in series.
For the details of the curves and the elements, you probably need to discuss this with your supervisor, depending on your modelling needs.
Seismosoft Support
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