Comparing seismoestruc 2018 vs 2021

04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Re: Comparing seismoestruc 2018 vs 2021

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Hi crimaval,
I am a bit confused. I checked your v2018 model and it gives the same results in v2021. What is it exactly that you need, apart from this?
Note that there us a specialised damping element in the program, it is probably better to use this one to model a damper. Alternatively, indeed you can use the link element, there is also a specialised damping curve vsc_dmp.

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Re: Comparing seismoestruc 2018 vs 2021

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Thank for the replay.

I can share the model with the problem by email to check what is the problem. I will share both models with viscous damper, but in 2018 with dashpot element and 2021 with link element, I got different results. by 30% on top deformation.
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