unable to load spectra & ground motion history

01-Installation of new versions
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unable to load spectra & ground motion history

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Dear all,

I have downloaded a trial version of seismoArtif v 2.1 from seismosoft website.
The program could be successfully installed in windows version 10 environment.
However on using the "target spectra" menu (I have selected Ec8- code spectra with kobe input motion), I could not add these to the spectrum list
The program displays both graphically the code-specified -spectra and the spectrum for kobe motion . I could not locate the o.k. button to
upload this info. in spectra list.
I am struck up in step-1 , so could not go to the next stage.

pleaae help me on the above issue.

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Re: unable to load spectra & ground motion history

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It is an known issue that occurs in screens with low resolution and that will be corrected in the 2nd release of SeismoArtif v2018.
You can input the spectrum with the Enter keyboard button (equally, you may close the dialog box with the ESC button).
Seismosoft Support
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