Ductility and Damping

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Ductility and Damping

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A useful feature would permit the user to specify ductility and damping pairs for which inelastic spectra may be generated.

Currently, the same damping (5%) is used for all specified ductility values. There is much in the literature regarding appropriate damping levels for nonlinear response history analysis (NLRHA). Given that the generation of inelastic spectra is simply a series of NLRHS, this feature would be nice.

For example, I currently have a need to generate inelastic spectra for ductility values of 6 and 12, with damping values of 1% and 0%, respectively. I need to compare each of these to an elastic , 5% damped spectrum. So I would like to be able to input a matrix of ductility, damping pairs:

1, 5
6, 1
12, 0

Thanks very much and keep up the exceptional work at SeismoSoft.
Tim Huff
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