Non-numerical input error

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Non-numerical input error

Post by AaronSco »

I am looking to paste the response acceleration time history values at roof level of my modelled building from Seismostruct in to Seismosignal.

I plan to use the Fourier Transform function to translate the displacement time history in to the frequency domain within Seimosignal.

When pasting the acceleration values from Seismostruct into the appropriate column in Seismosignal, an error message appears stating: ''Non-numerical input error. Data cannot be pasted''. Any advice to overcome this problem would be greatly appreciated. I should also highlight I have the academic license.
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Re: Non-numerical input error

Post by seismosoft »

Hello AaronSco,
Indeed there is a problem with the past function in SeismoSignal 2018. the bug will be fixed in v2018 Release-2 that will be published in September.
Note that you can load the data if you save them on a text file and load it in SeismoSignal with the normal way.
Apologies for this,
Seismosoft Support
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