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Graduate work

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 20:39
by sanya greek
Dear team of Seismosoft!

I have an Academic licence of Seismostruct. I use it for graduate work in Technical University of Athens. I work with 5th store building but can not do some analysis and check becouse it possible to use untill 20 members in Code - Based checks.



How can i use your programm with more members. I can pay for licence but not all ammount, becouse i am student and haven't so money.

Re: Graduate work

Posted: 30 Dec 2019, 10:44
by seismosoft
Hello sanya greek,
There is a restriction in the number of code-based checks that can be performed with the academic licenses, because otherwise they could be easily used to perform consultancy work. Note that there are special discounts to academic users for the commercial licenses of all our packages. You may wish to contact directly our Sales Section in
Seismosoft Support