Strain Criteria - Composite Sections

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Strain Criteria - Composite Sections

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I have defined a circular composite section - a steel tube with concrete fill and light longitudinal reinforcement. I would like to track the strains in both the concrete core and the steel tube. When I try to establish tube strain criteria using "Steel Strain [Steel/Composite Sections]", it seems that I can only track reinforcement strains, not outer tube strains. Only the reinforcement material appears in the "Material" drop-down. The tube material does not appear. I wonder if this is the intent, or if this is could be changed to permit tracking of strains in the tube as well? Thanks very much.
Tim Huff
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Re: Strain Criteria - Composite Sections

Post by seismosoft »

Hello Tim,

Unfortunately, this is a bug that dates back to the introduction of different materials for longitudinal and transverse reinforcement. Because of the bug, the strains are not read correctly.
Thanks for spotting it, but also sorry for any trouble caused. The bug will be fixed in the upcoming releases of the program (in the next couple of months).
Seismosoft Support
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