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Different material provision for transverse reinforcement

Posted: 01 Apr 2019, 06:41
by d18am007
Dear SeismoStruct team and other researchers,
Our research is focussed on the application of SMA rebars as longitudinal reinforcement in RC column. We are facing a problem to calculate confinement factor, as the software takes the same material type for the transverse reinforcement as same of longitudinal reinforcement. We want to input Steel as transverse Reinforcement and SMA as longitudinal reinforcement in the same column element.
So kindly suggest the solution for the same.
Thanks in advance.

Rahul (Research Scholar, SVNIT Surat, India)
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Re: Different material provision for transverse reinforcemen

Posted: 01 Apr 2019, 10:42
by z.gronti
Dear d18am007,

Please check what seismosoft suggests at the following topic: ... ent#p14514