Target Spectrum Truncation

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Target Spectrum Truncation

Post by huffte »

When I define a target spectrum form file, the data is read in perfectly and the tabular data is accurate. Whenever I save the file and re-open later, the last row is always deleted form the target spectrum.

This occurs even when I have multiple targets defined and simply select the targets. When initially read, the last row is there. When I come back an look at the spectrum read in from file, the last line is gone.

Not a serious problem, but perhaps worthy of further investigation.
Tim Huff
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Re: Target Spectrum Truncation

Post by Stelios_Antoniou »

Many thanks Tim, as always right on spot!
There is ineed a problem. We will fix it in the upcoming release.

Stelios Antoniou
SeismoSoft Developer
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