Alternate Scaling Methods

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Alternate Scaling Methods

Post by huffte »

It would be of great value to users of SeismoMatch if alternate scaling routines could be added, not to replace the existing wavelets algorithm, but to provide other scaling approaches found in some modern codes. Specifically, it would be great if one could:

1. Scale two orthogonal components from the same record such that the mean square eror of the geometeric mean of the two components is minimized with respect to a specified target spectrum. This produces a single scale factor to be applied to both components of a given record and is done 1 record at a time with no dependence upon other records.

2. Scale a suite of records (each record having 2 orthogonal components)such that the mean response spectrum for the suite does not fall below a target spectrum over a specified range. To compute the spectrum of an individual record, use the SRSS of the 2 components for that record. While this does apply a single scale factor to both components of a given record, the scale factor applied to a given record in this method is dependent upon the scale factors used for the other records in the suite.
Tim Huff
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Re: Alternate Scaling Methods

Post by seismosoft »

Dear huffte,

Thank you for the suggestions, which are very pertinent and do reflect requests we have received from other users.

Introducing changes such as the ones you propose will call for some heavy restructuring of the GUI of the program (or maybe a different program altogether), hence it will not be possible for us to do it in the relatively near future (our next release of SeismoMatch, due late this year or early next year, will address bug fixing only).

But we do appreciate the importance of the features you describe, and will thus work on them as soon as it will be feasible for us.

Thanks again,

Seismosoft Support
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