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Target spectrum

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I am a new user of SeismoMatch, but an experienced user of RSPMatch. Norm Abrahamson notes that RSPMatch requires many spectral ordinates that are equally spaced in log scale (I've used 271 or more for target spectra covering 0 < T < 5s). I've noticed that SeismoMatch doesn't always achieve tight spectral matching and suspect that .02s period step isn't sufficient.
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Re: Target spectrum

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Hi JKHoward,

We are not sure we followed your query.

You seem to be asking/suggesting for the possibility of using period steps different from 0.02s to be introduced in SeismoMatch, right?

However, in reality, such feature is already present (Settings -> Response Spectra), as described in the Help System, not?

Let us know, please.

Seismosoft Support
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