EC8 Spectrum

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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EC8 Spectrum

Post by Barracuda »

i have some questions-issues with seismomatch.

It seems that when defining the target spectrum according to EC8 the first value (for T=0.0) is wrong.

In the input parameters sometimes even if you select a time step of 0.01
(for "multiple acceleration values per line" option) the result in seismomatch is a time step of 0.005.

Thank you.
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Re: EC8 Spectrum

Post by seismosoft »

Dear Barracuda,

Apologies for the delay with which we are responding.

The two bugs you have correctly identified will be addressed in the upcoming release of SeismoMatch, due this month.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Seismosoft Support
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