Limited nos of acceleration pairs.

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Limited nos of acceleration pairs.

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Why is the acceleration pairs for Seismomatch limited to 400 pairs? If you have an actual time history of 40seconds with a time interval of 0.01 seconds, this is already 4000 acceleration pairs. Some time histories are even more than 60 seconds. Is there a way to modify the default?

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Jimmy Domingo
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Re: Limited nos of acceleration pairs.

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Dear jimmydomingojr,

The wavelets algorithm might not give best results if we hadn't assigned such limitation. You are not able to increase this number. You may follow however the guidelines given when you receive this warning message. Please note that this limitation corresponds to the spectral acceleration-period steps and not to the acceleration time steps.
Zoi Gronti
Seismosoft Srl.
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