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Time Step

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I'm not certain that the file reading for certain formats is working correctly. I have assumed that if the format is specified as "time and acceleration values per line", then the time step specified in the input box is not used.

This is not the case. It appears that the correct time step must be specified when reading in an accelerogram even if the format is time and acceleration values on each line.

I read in a file with a time step of 0.008 seconds and with time and acceleration values on each line. The specified format is set to "time and acceleration values per line". If I leave the time step at it's 0.01 default, then when I look at my table of values read in, the time step is 0.01 where it should be 0.008. When I change the time step to 0.008, everything is fine.

This same problem exists in SeismoSpect as well.

Tim Huff
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Re: Time Step

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Dear huffte,

Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you on this matter.

The behaviour you describe is actually intentional, since the idea is that of providing users the possibility of changing the time step that is defined in a given input file.

This may be desirable, for instance, in cases where:
- the input file features non regularly-spaced time instants
- the input file features a time-step that is too coarse for adequate processing
- the input file features a time-step that is exaggeratedly small, and that will thus unnecessarily delay the analyses or lead to computer memory problems (due to the ensuing very large matrices that are generated by the program, as discussed in http://www.seismosoft.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=562)

We will clarify this matter in the Help System of the upcoming new release.

Seismosoft Support
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