Table values not appearing

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Table values not appearing

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Hi. I am new to SeismoMatch and only using the trial version as of right now. I have been using it for a few days now and it has worked well, but as of a day or two ago, when I match a time history to a target spectrum it will complete the process and output all of the charts but when I click on the tables there is no data in them. This data is very important to me and I was wondering if this is a problem in the program or is it just something that happens to the trial version after a few days. Thanks.
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Re: Table values not appearing

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Hi Fostbarr,

We can confirm that, currently, Seismosoft's software trial versions feature no limitation whatsoever with respect to their non-trial counterparts. Hence, the behaviour you have observed cannot be attributed to that.

We could not reproduce the anomaly you describe, hence cannot provide a solution either. We wonder if it would be possible for you to:
- try using the program in a different computer, to see if the problem persists
- send us the record and target spectrum in question, so that we try things ourselves


Seismosoft Support
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