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Registration error

Posted: 04 Jul 2016, 21:46
by jc_epn
Dear Seismosoft Team,

I have downloaded and installed the 2016 versions of Seismosoft programs (i.e. SeismoSpect, SeismoMatch), and I have an academic license. However when I try to register, it always appears the following error message:

"Access violation at address 011A787A in module 'SeismoMatch.exe' Read of address 297C2ABB"

And the same for SeismoSpect.

Do you have any suggestion for this?

Thank you

Re: Registration error

Posted: 05 Jul 2016, 09:16
by z.gronti
Dear jc_epn,

The academic license keys provided for the previous versions of the programs are not valid for the new ones of 2016. Could you please check if the academic license keys are valid for the 2016 versions?
Also, could you tell us which operating system you use?

Re: Registration error

Posted: 25 Jul 2016, 14:26
by jc_epn
Dear Zoi,

I am using windows 7 home premium. I tried with the licenses for older versions but it did not work. I already sent a license request.

Thank you,


Re: Registration error

Posted: 28 Jul 2016, 08:58
by seismosoft
You should have received your license by now. If not, please let is know.
Normally, we reply within 48h

Seismosoft Support