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Antivirus Detect SesismoMatch as a threat

Posted: 29 Jan 2011, 16:50
by mmontazeri
Dear Seismosoft

I am using "ESET Smart Security4" on "Windows7 64bit".
Recently I tried to install SeismoMatch, During installation "ESET" Detected software as a threat. I ignored the notification & Paused "ESET". installation completed successfully & software Launched normally.
last day a full scan performed by "ESET". after that I fined SeismoMatch Detected as a threat & Removed by "ESET".

I experienced a same problem with "SeismoSpec"[:(]! but Sesimosignal is still working normally[8D].

Please tell me What is the Problem & how can I Solve it?
Thank you[:)]

Re: Antivirus Detect SesismoMatch as a threat

Posted: 30 Jan 2011, 03:18
by seismosoft
Dear mmontazeri,

The EST software uses NOD32 as its antivirus engine, and the latter is known to give false alarms with Seismosoft applications (and others).

If you carry out a search in this Forum for "NOD32" you will find a discussion on this topic.

Seismosoft Support

Re: Antivirus Detect SesismoMatch as a threat

Posted: 14 Mar 2011, 04:07
by seismosoft
The next version of SeismoMatch, due at the end of March-beginning of April, will try to overcome these problems, but this is a challenging situation since, as new versions of this antivirus software are released, new incompatibilities with other software (not just Seismosoft programs, as one realises with a quick a search on the internet) are introduced.

Seismosoft Support