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01-Installation of new versions
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Install SeismoMatch

Post by yujyilin »

My computer is Window XP. After I double click .msi file and get installshield wizard. I complete install and finished, but nothing show up, such as icom,etc. I double click .chm file, but I did not get any. What is my problem?


Yu-jyi Lin
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Re: Install SeismoMatch

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Dear Yu-jyi Lin,

It is not easy for us to judge what exactly might be going wrong with the installation in your computer, since the problem you describe appears to be very specific to your system and its settings.

The only thing we can guess is that perhaps your antivirus software is preventing SeismoMatch to be run, but we are clearly speculating here.

Maybe you could try installing the software in a different computer, and, should such attempt prove successul, you could then try to understand what the differences between the two machines are.

Seismosoft Support
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