Mislabled plot axes

03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Mislabled plot axes

Post by mwoods »

On the SeismoSpect "Ground Motion Parameters" tab, the horizontal axis is labeled "Matched Accelerograms". Surely this is unintentional, as SeismoSpect isn't doing any "matching." Shouldn't it be simply "Accelerogram" or "Time Series"?

More significant is the fact that, when not all GM parameters are selected for display, the vertical axis label for several of the GM parameters is incorrect. For example, if I elect to not enable Acceleration RMS, Velocity RMS, or Displacement RMS, then Arias Intensity is labeled "RMS Acceleration (g)". It appears that the vertical axis label is indexed to the master list of GM parameters instead of being indexed to the list of GM parameters that has actually been enabled by the user.
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Re: Mislabled plot axes

Post by seismosoft »

Dear Marvin,

Thanks for this.

The first error you note had been reported already in this Forum, and we have promised to fix it in the next release of the software.

The second error had gone unnoticed so far, and we will certainly address it.

Thanks again,

Seismosoft Support
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