Correction/Filtering with SeismoSpect

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Correction/Filtering with SeismoSpect

Post by huffte »

I believe that your descriptions for SeismoSignal and SeismoSpect are interchanged from what they should be st the following url:

"SeismoSpect is a user-friendly platform that allows users to manage and post-process large numbers of records, including the possibility of carrying out filtering and baseline-correction, and of computing the mean spectral response quantities of sub-sets of records."

Shouldn't this be the description for SeismoSignal? I haven't found a way to do filtering and correction with SeismoSpect. Sorry if I have misunderstood something here.
Tim Huff
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Re: Correction/Filtering with SeismoSpect

Post by seismosoft »

Dear huffte,

The software description you mention is present also in the Help System ('About SeismoSpect') and in our website ('Products' section).

In SeismoSpect, the filtering/baseline-correction tools are activated from the 'Settings' menu, since they are not record-specific (as in SeismoSignal), but rather apply to a large number of records (i.e. they are a sort of pre-processing setting).

Seismosoft Support
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