element class specification (integration section and section fibers)

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Re: element class specification (integration section and section fibers)

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2-3mm axial deformation in a 3m column is a 0.1% deformation which (for an axial deformation) is very significant. Furthermore, it is not reasonable that at the top floor in column columns the vertical displacement is almost 3cm and in others just 1cm. Without delving into details (we cannot provide personalised support to all our academic users) it seems that there might be a problem with the design of the building.
Regarding your question, this is not easy to investigate. Usually we check the local structural parameters of the problematic members (identified in the Convergence Details of the post-processor).
In any case, there are numerous reason for which convergence difficulties might arise. You should carry out a seach in the forum, you will find many posts with details on the issue. Also please refer to the relevant section in the User's Manual.
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