How to decrease EI of elements

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How to decrease EI of elements

Post by zenginse »

Hi everyone,

I am trying to decrease of my frame elements' stiffness. But i cannot find a way to do that. I have to change my elements' stiffness for a pushover analysis. I've searched forum and some folks say that it is not possible right now.

I tried to change Elasticity in con_ma material type but it gave permission only up to 40% or 50%. After this limit program goes nut.
And i do not trust the results after i have changed the elasticity up to only 30%.

Do you have any idea how to dealt with that.

Thank you.
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Re: How to decrease EI of elements

Post by ruipinho »

Dear zenginse,

In order for me to understand better your query, could you please tell us what is it that you are trying to achieve by running an inelastic static analysis (i.e. pushover) of a reinforced concrete with decreased EI values?

I ask this because, whilst I am accostumed to seeing users wanting to run elastic analysis (eigenvalue, static, dynamic), it is less common to see such need when running inelastic analysis (where e.g. concrete cracking is already explicitely accounted for).


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