Frame Releases

02-Getting started with the modelling
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Frame Releases

Post by mehmetfatih.yilmaz »

I am try to model a multi span continious steel bridge with Sesimostrcut. I need to define release to midle frame but unfortunatly I couldnot get correct resalt with release definition. There is steel moment in frame or program could not solve.
Could I define release on steel frame in Seismostruct ?
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Re: Frame Releases

Post by huffte »

Are you wanting to specify a moment release in a beam? Also, what type of analysis are you running?
Tim Huff
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Re: Frame Releases

Post by seismosoft »

Yes you can define releases to any frame element in SeismoStruct, irrespective of the type of section (steel, RC or composite) that you are using
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Re: Frame Releases

Post by MRashid »

Hello Seismosoft Team

I'm running a time history analysis, and have assigned M3a and M3b releases to a vertical elastic frame element. I was expecting that this would make the shear forces, V2a and V2b, zero in the element but this did not happen. Actually I'm getting quite significant shear forces. One end of the frame element is attached to another elastic frame element and the other end has a 6-DOF restraint. Is there anything that I'm missing or need to look into to get the shear forces in the elements equal to zero ?

Thanks & kind regards
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Re: Frame Releases

Post by z.gronti »

Dear MRashid,

Since you have assigned M3a and M3b releases, you will get zero values at the M3a and M3b of the element.
Zoi Gronti
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