Non-NumericInput found in row 2:

04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Nasreen Pathan
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Non-NumericInput found in row 2:

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I'm actually trying to load a text file consisting of time and acceleration, butwhen I'm trying to run it is giving me error "Non-NumericInput found in row 2:". I'm using Seismosignal 2020.
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Re: Non-NumericInput found in row 2:

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Hi Nasreen. I have tried several different file formats and cannot reproduce the error you describe unless there is, in fact, non-numerical data in row 2. Recall that you do need to specify the beginning line number and the data format in the input dialogue. Double-check your format and see if you can still repeat the error to see if there is a bug with your particular system and the software.
Tim Huff
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